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Two scandals that most people don't really understand, don't really care about, and both happened decades before they supposedly became controversial.

Let's have a little rant about our lovely female prime minister here in AustraliaJulia Gillard and her anti-gay stance on same-sex marriage in Australia. Hitomi tanaka naked video. Power to the peaceful. To me and possibly to many others her lack of depth and lack of substance is clearly visible. Julia gillard lesbian. In another bit of synchonicity, I have a relative who has a direct line of communication with the leader of the opposition. Retrieved from " https: Gillard who has painted herself to be a bit of a non-scary moderate, is red at the centre.

Most of our staff is at A-Camp this week but we'll still have lots of fun content for you! From Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia. As PM, Gillard has tried to assuage Australians by painting herself as a moderate. Promoting girls' education in the third world. Regardless, Gillard's support dropped steeply because she came across as heavily stage-managed.

Gillard was in the Socialist Forum from her university days.

Julia gillard lesbian

Gillard is childless; although she obviously "enjoys" as previous minister of education concerning herself with children, she does not as stated in an ABC interview of "especially like them". Rugby girls naked. All of Our Stories Matter. Someone even linked Gillard to a witches coven as if this is proof she is a Satanist. That story will come to life when Mr Mathieson talks about the Agreement. As a leader of a government you would think she would want to keep the public happy and that she would value their opinion.

Here's Michelle Grattan writing in the Fairfax press journals of record, published 3 July, Hear her roar respectfully Date July 3, This info has been forwarded to him. Other than her many achievements as a politician Julia Gillard is also known for her various toe-dips into the pool of comedy, most notably with her buddy Tony Abbott. Within the Alpha Lodges they are worshipped as embodiments of the Dark Goddess - who is known by many names and is virgin still!

They are in what Slater and Gordon refers to as a "personal relationship". I along with most if not all Australians never saw, nor realized the true face of Gillard. Gillard simply mirrors what Australia already is, while helping to push it ever closer to extinction in the name of "tolerance.

Christopher said July 18, Hansen has written articles for us. This is democracy we are talking about here, the people have the right to know who they are honestly voting for. She was making a speech about the hypocrisy of Tony Abbott calling himself a feminist in the wake of the Slipper case. Xxx fuck hub. Slipper has since resigned from his position as Speaker. The most prominent feature of Gillard at first glance is definitely her oversized nose.

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Gusmao, the PM of East Timor claims he wasn't consulted and didn't want a centre in his country.

I thank you very much for the article on our new Prime Minister on your website. Lisa Papallo and Katja Tempe, dressed as brides on the Marriage Equality float, said it was time to legalize marriage for gay couples. Downblouse tits pics. Within that administration the Left needs to be willing to participate to shape political outcomes, recognising the need to except sic often unpalatable compromises in the short term to bolster the prospect of future advance.

For several years she has played down her past political affiliations, attempted to mainstream herself and altogether presented an agreeable image to the public. I look to a day when government policy and articulation is not so mired in prejudice that it can address these issues fairly. Julia gillard lesbian. I didn't think Canadians would be that interested in OZ Politics. The state premier pleaded with the public for sympathy for this poor victim. She is a perfect example.

They stayed and fixed it. Christopher said July 18, Mark, an aussie jason: Gillard is not only "a communist lesbian", but that she is in fact the head of the Satanic Alpha lodge - the "Bestia" mentioned by Frater ; and the very person whose predilection is ritual child abuse. Japanese lesbian porn tumblr. Gillard came to power very suddenly and in a most conniving "unusual" fashion; this would seem to point to hidden strings being pulled; strings such as those found in secret societies and brought to bear at the crucial time - and with deadly force.

We would make arrangements for their education. Hidden History, Zionism and Anti-Semitism. Corruption or even a married man having an affair. Tim July 17 said July 17, Thanks for your post. I look to a day, to paraphrase a great man, when we not only judge people by the content of their character but also where we judge their relationships by markers such as respect, commitment, love and security and not by the gender of their partners. His reply on the "Bestia"-Gillard connection: Shame on you, Queerty, and shame on all the commenters who censor through the comment rating system any opposing viewpoint.

This threat is generated by the recent upension of the balance of things in the world which results in catastrophe such as the Sichuan earthquakes, the Auckland earthquakes, Barbra Streisand 's sudden impluse to revert to her original form, which in turn brought the reincarnation of Godzilla, the sudden surge of sex addiction in celebrities such as Mel Gibson and David Letterman and finally, Andrew Hansen's haircut.

Julia Gillard comes with a lot of ideological baggage from her radical-left past.

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Robert's comment regarding the exodus from our leftist and conservative parties to the 'greens' is exactly what the global crooks want.

It is her aim however to re-engineer society, but years of the Left's influence in Labor governments, education and the media has already done that. Think Penny Wong is an Uncle Tom? Joan Kirner, whom Ms Gillard has described as a mentor and friend, was one of the driving forces behind the passage of Victoria's notorious abortion laws, which not only decriminalised abortion, but legalised late-term abortions right through nine months of pregnancy.

Much controversy has been generated by the fact that she is a lesbianunmarried and a ranga. Blake J She is just a straight women who sleeps with other women.

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When she was at high school, Gillard was mentored by the Jewish liberal i. Free milf sex cams. With an onrushing markets implosion and an economic crash Ms Gillard would want to hold an election before September Tuesday, 10 July Gay marriage - Julia Gillard the bigot. What the article failed to mention is that Ms Gillard is not just the nation's first female PM, she's holds the dubious distinction of being the nation's first female PM fornicatrix.

Pagans are nature lovers. But Gillard personally remains opposed to gay marriage, and it is unclear whether any bill would attract enough support to make same-sex marriages legal. Julia Gillard comes with a lot of ideological baggage from her radical-left past. Milf cougar twitter Julia gillard lesbian. Also, tearing Rudd a new arsehole in her book and becoming a Sword of Damocles hanging over his head for as long as he's in politics. She deserves to be remembered for her tenacity and political brutality. Julia Gillard has made light of her youthful radicalism, and has been painstakingly careful to present herself as a moderate.

Focus group research indicated that many people with 'traditional values' were concerned that Gillard would not have time to cook, clean and decorate the lodge and perform her Prime Ministerial duties. Gillard however should take more blame as she was one of the "gang of 4" that made the decisions.

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THE WIRE LESBIAN COP A lesbian I am more inclined to believe. Richards says the menu was not circulated among guests at the fundraiser for Brough in late March - although Labor ministers on Thursday queried whether that account of events should be believed. The one thing she was not willing to do is publicly bash her own party to the media two weeks before a federal election.
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Lynn whitfield nude photos Lo and behold, it came together to me in a synchonistic way. They stayed and fixed it. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth that Australia's first female "Prime Minister" came to power in such a poor way.
South african naked women pics To everyone's surprise, this did not help her popularity. Much controversy has been generated by the fact that she is a lesbian , unmarried and a ranga. I ensured my political party had a conscience vote and I did not seek to influence the vote of any one within my political party on the legislation itself.

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