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Lesbian tomb raider

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Croft has worked with a number of people over the years, but none have felt as fully realized as Samantha, another survivor of the shipwreck that stranded them both on the island together.

Ask New Question Sign In. Of course, had he accepted help, things could have gone the same way, I just don't like that he didn't even entertain it. Ariel nude photos. This includes posts asking for people to sex chat with.

His first journal entry Lara can find was entirely about him begging his wife to spare his reputation, his feelings and his priorities by waiting on divorcing him. None of the TR games I've played had romance and they all worked fine. Lesbian tomb raider. I would have been more willing to cut him some slack had he not known Lara wanted to go with him.

I would consider what he did to be one of the larger problems with the plot at large. Don't have an account? On top of that, there are a whole host of Tumblr sites dedicated to fan art that ship the pair too and forums continued to debate the topic long after fanfare over the game had died down.

Make you a deal. Sam showed Moral support for Lara, when she was having doubts about appearing in Jonah's play. He's not my favorite character for sure, but he also didn't inspire enough emotion in me for anything more than a weak pity. Hot girl picked up and fucked. Because for the most part, I found it very predictable. Last edited by Vilmer Slaughter ; 11 Jan, 3: Sam contacts Lara once more before she is discovered with the radio, and is abruptly cut-off from Lara.

I hope I never hear Himiko's name again. Especially if it's handled with care like naughty dog did with the left behind dlc. When Lara expressed her intent to go to Pripyat to look for Alex's sister, Kaz WeissSam was adamant about accompanying Lara, however Lara flat out refused, and went alone.

This survivor narrative draws explicit parallels with the often harsh process of coming out that enabled LGBT fans to empathize with Lara like never before. Sign up for free! More topics from this board Even in the Angelina Jolie movie there was always that.

Special Rainbow Raptor Extras! She wondered what it would be like if, in the future, Sam would be permanent fixture in her life, rather than somebody else's. I cringed, I guess she's had all her injections. Sam attempts to help, though ends up discharging a machine gun, much to Reyes' annoyance. She, too, struggled to reject the life that she was born into in order to become something else, but through this, Croft still found a way to remain happy doing what she loves.

I would love any and all suggestions or prompts for my story Wrong Number. People really like Lara Croft and I think it's because she one of a few strong female protagonists that doesn't get by with acting like a male version of other characters and relying on her wits, intelligence and her own Lara Croft brand of athleticism instead of the run of the mill, white, male protagonist that absolutely dominates the game industry.

She and the other survivors make their way to the crash site to find Roth dead and Lara traumatized.

Lesbian tomb raider

So what are you INTO? In the weeks following Yamatai, Sam wakes from a nightmare, which Lara shows concern for, and notices a hand shaped bruise on Sam's arm.

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She seemed sorta like an aunt to Lara, in a kick-your-ass sort of way.

Showing 1 - 15 of 41 comments. Katy perry naked photos. I can only assume that the stress of being on the island, trapped with the Solarii, probably hungry and thirsty if not injured somewhat, caused Alex to make a rash decision that he normally wouldn't have. Until Lara killed them all, I mean. Lesbian tomb raider. As for perpetuating the stereotype, I'd actually like to see Lara come out in order to debunk said stereotype. Games Movies TV Wikis. In her room Sam was seen holding the box of Jaffa Cakes Jonah had given her while looking sadly at the place Lara had been sitting while Sam was recovering.

Sign up for free! Sam attempts to help, though ends up discharging a machine gun, much to Reyes' annoyance. She can be harsh, but I thought she was one of the more complicated of the crew and much better written than either Jonas or Alex, who got on my nerves. Though Sam seemed to be aware of what Himiko was doing, she was unable to fight back due to how much control the Sun Queen had over her body.

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Gay or straight, it's a video game Sam attended UCL, choosing to study film, specializing in documentary film making and cinematography. Lesbian sex foursome. He pretty much tells her no when she's on her way to him. Sam caused Lara to become less introverted by taking her to nightclubs, attempting to bring out Lara's "Inner Party Girl".

Not everyone has some sort of gay agenda. It's very likely that Himiko was instilling certain thoughts into Sam's mind in order to drive a wedge between Lara and Sam in order to weaken Sam's will. And Sam had slowly but surely wound her way up the archeologists' heart and had become a permanent fixture there.

Sam defends Lara when Reyes lashes out in anger at Roth's death. I suppose we can chalk that up to his obvious and overweening arrogance, but you'd think that someone would be smart enough to shelve their arrogance and pride in that kind of situation. She's a character, one of the only, that shows that some women aren't only either feminine or masculine and the newest game has taken this to an even greater level.

Showing that Lara still cares about Sam a great deal. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Jewels jade milf. It was something I picked up on way in the beginning of the game when Lara seems far more concerned about Sam's whereabouts than the entire rest of the crew. However, I still ship them completely. Sam became friendly with one of the nurses, and was apparently doing well. He cheapened his own character for a motivation that defies all reason.

However, Sam remained loyal to Lara, supporting her whenever she planned on doing something dangerous and offering to go with her when she learned that Kaz, Alex's sister, was endanger. Who doesn't want to see two girls kiss? After Whitman betrayed the remaining members of the Endurance by kidnapping Sam and bringing her to Mathias Sam had likely grew to hate Whitman.

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I hope they don't make her gay - to me it would be just virtue-signalling to the SJW crowd. Sexy girl in hoodie. It was the idea that of snuggling, with Sam, on the couch of their shared apartment, with a cheesy movie on the telly, that scared her most. Sam is also very brave as shown when she offered to go with Lara to help save Kaz when Lara learned that she was in danger and the only reason she did not go was because Lara requested her to remain home and again when she helped Lara rescue "Grim" from Las Serpentes Que Caminan.

She knew that she had the chance of a snowflake in hell of telling the filmmaker her true feelings. Milf hunter liz This page requires javascript. Queer women in film: Wait, does she write the comics too? Major fluff and lesbian themes ahead. I'm saying brilliant stuff.

My dislike and for Alex, it is dislike, there are characters out there I despisebut he doesn't come close to that or hatred for a character is more to do with what they have to do with a plot, most of the time. Lesbian tomb raider. She was scared that in moments like these, with the filmmaker snuggled against her snoring quietly into Lara's forearm, facing the telly which was running silently, that she would do something that would reveal her true feelings.

My grief with him is how he went about trying to impress her.

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