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I love watching Ron. Kate nauta nude photos. I hope they put Rick Folbaum up there for a while. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. Ines rosales naked. He's a real talent! Click Here for a sample. I guess I'm stuck with Meredith and Matt. Probably not so smart to go on vacation at the same time as the "window in your contract. I didn't know John Muller had a kid out of wedlock. I took a tour of the place last week and found many delights, plus an oddity or two. And if he is that awkward with an improv comment on the air, can one only imagine what he would be like with a cock flying at his face?

Channel 5 lost me, Mike Wood is the only good looking, intelligent, and spontaneous man on the show. Www milf pic com. They never say anything, they act like the person never existed. Hot Mike seems like a nice guy but he also enjoys being around the famous and pretty people.

Thanks for the dish, R Maybe Ben feels a little insecure because he is aware Andy has a taste for chocolate. They're probably pissed he looks so much younger and hotter than they do. Good to see our gay news anchors support each other. Why on earth would anyone watch FoxNews in the first place? Co-anchor, Ben, chased Mike around the studio this morning. Sven seems quite gay to me. Is he dating Ken Rosato? Perhaps you should try beige. I didn't even have to watch the screen, but simply listen to their voices and it was just Mike's prediction for my mussy: I thought he was really ugly and queer-looking,too.

You'll have to e-mail her at the station. He's definitely into white guys, the whiter the better, a la Anderson Cooper pasty white. Vimeo untitled naked. I have seen him on the street. Where is hottie Rick Folbaum? How they could replace a great anchor like Ron with that tool is beyond me.

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He's definitely gay and out. Hot sexy girls having sex with each other. Maybe he was hot for Adam Joseph and that's cooled - he's also been hot and cold for our own Jeff Smith R why don't you like Mike?

I imagine someone who looks that good at 46 would go younger since he could easily get a young hot guy. I'd like to be the cream filling in a R photo sandwich. It would be nice to see someone genuinely talented get a break.

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R35 can you elaborate for those of us who don't live in NYC? They never say anything, they act like the person never existed. He dated Anderson Cooper for 2 months before Ben. He had porked out when I last saw him on TV. I heard Jodi on the radio yesterday. Ines rosales naked. Corning, BTW, was not a star. At 46 years old, his face looks mid 30s at most and his body is quite hot! CW 11 Morning news is getting more than twice the audience of Good Day and it's only been on the air 8 years.

I wonder what Mike like in bed. Milf fantasy pov. You don't want to mess with the Scottos. And did anyone notice that they didn't even include a clip of Ron and Jodi in the 20th anniversary special for the show that aired this past Friday night?

In this case it's CW Two years ago Good Day had an agreement with Howdini to use their 'experts' on Good Day New York, and they loaned Ron out as part of a cross promotion deal. I just love how us gays stick together. Even though he's a cute little guy, I found him to be boring. I haven't seen Moreno's reel on any of the major agency websites.

Ron was fired because the network found it he was gay. I immediately started looking for a recipe to make them at home, but none was that clear. He is still friends with Anderson, but Ben does not get along with him at all". Mike Woods the innovator! I thought the usually strained banter between Ron and Jody was the best part of the show. Fernanda castillo naked. I'm hoping to see him on another NYC station very soon.

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