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Naked people on google street view

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What happened to privacy?

Is this a normal occurrence in Japan? There was just one problem, a police car was also stuck in traffic and pulled them over immediately. Arizona's Schnepf Farms carves a maze with the outline of a famous person into its acre cornfield each year around Halloween. Lesbian sex sites. Seeing inappropriate images is another matter. Some say they don't see the resemblance to Jesus Christ, but others still wonder about the origins of the hazy image.

Google has come under fire for Street View images before. Naked people on google street view. The only problem now? Wednesday, 25th March at 8: Accident caught live on Google Street View: When Google launched their controversial Street View service in the US, we saw all sort of things that the press were appalled at; including our own post of the Google Street Fight that went on to become one of the best known Street View sightings.

All we can really be sure of is that this Google Street View is one of the stranger ones out there. Inthe Google Earth blogs were chattering about reports of the face of Jesus in Peruvian sand dunes.

Sharing statistics rss feed twitter Share this site Other: While this man was passed out in the middle of the street next to his scooter, his loyal dog watched over him. In this next Google Street View picture, four people are waiting on the road as cars pass by. It's an arrangement that works out for everyone! If the penguin is a doll, then why does the man need a whole separate sidecar for the little doll to ride in behind him?

There is certainly something unsettling about seeing folks in the middle of the road wearing masks for no reason. What about that poeple that want o lie out in thier backyard naked for some reason?

The resolution that XEarth can capture at has also been greatly enhanced to cover a much wider range of zoom! It could also be a timely shot of her falling down. Milf ass slut. Our team of authors present weird and wonderful sights as suggested by readers. Shirley Martinez WordPress Blogger. Why does this man appear to be hiding?

What makes this even stranger is that it is a whole chicken; one that is ready to be cooked and eaten. The problem is, is that this looks too real to be faked. Nothing but scary location unknown: Thumbnail images are copyright Google and other companies, visit Google for full legal notices. We have no idea why this guy was lounging around naked in his yard.

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Thursday, 26th March at 1: The ironic thing is that the newspapers made a big deal about all these people that had their privacy supposedly invaded by having their images on Googlemaps… And then proceeded to print those images and expose to the world what the images were!!

A fresh take on sports: Others, not so much. Fucking an army girl. But what about a sidewalk?

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Ina district court in Pennsylvania dismissed the case, but in January, a federal appeals court revived part of the case. One thing is for sure, this underwear reader sure can concentrate. DarkfireX 11 years ago. They've compiled whole collections of heart-shaped things seen from space, as well as a handful of visible marriage proposals.

EstiloPanama 11 years ago. MVH 11 years ago. Naked people on google street view. What happened to privacy? My house is a brown blob in a green blob. How could anyone ever be mad a Gumby? Glossyice 11 years ago. Milf sauna sex. Share Comments 20 Send to a friend Tweet. In contrast to the Dutch prostitution system, in Italy the prostitutes can often be seen on Google Street View sitting in their folding chairs while awaiting some passing trade.

Lost City of Atlantis? It's an arrangement that works out for everyone! Tuesday, 24th March at 4: InOprah Winfrey was the farm's celebrity of choice. We see a man and a dog seemingly having an argument when the dog all of a sudden gives up. Add Lady Antebellum to the mix. And some of the guys, I think, were keeping themselves going with the idea that, hey, soon we'll pass through some nude beaches.

Kim Jong-Un's New Strategy: This led a police representative to tell the U. Who Do You Got? Masked Pedestrians There is certainly something unsettling about seeing folks in the middle of the road wearing masks for no reason. Our society has been reduced to looking at porn through google earth.

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