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While slashing Sally with a knifea wheeler [8] fast approaches him. Lesbian makes girl cum. He chases Heather all the way to a carnival. Sexy girl chainsaw. Tex is portrayed as the most normal looking family member, which helps in his family's capturing of victims, who believe Tex to be a regular person, however, when enraged Tex becomes highly psychotic.

The Cook invited Mike and his three colleagues to the Hewitt house though they were unaware that he was actually one of the cannibal family members. In the film Jedidiah helps Erin and Morgan escape the Hewitt's home. Charlie then takes on the identity of the murdered sheriff, who was the last member of law enforcement left in Travis Countyas evidenced by his immediate statement: In spring garden Cutting wood with chainsaw.

The Hitchhiker briefly chases after the van, kicking, yelling and smearing a bloody hand print on it, but soon relinquishes his attack on it. After a fight happens between Jason and the family, the Hitchhiker "kills" Jason by bashing him in the head with a hammer. As he goes by two different names his real name remains unknown. Leatherface Topps Comics ' miniseries, the Hitchhiker bearing only a minor resemblance to his film counterpart appears as a main character.

Pretty woman with gasoline-powered chainsaw isolated on white background cutout Pretty young woman with a chainsaw on the white backgrou. Leah dizon nude photo. The Hewitts also live in a different home than the Sawyers, who lived on a farmwhereas the Hewitts live on an old plantation.

The miniseries expands upon the Hitchhiker's character, revealing that he owns a pet dog named Sparky whom he killed by shooting in the head and treats as if it were still alive and that he creates furniture and sculptures out of corpses. Girl with a yellow chainsaw Girl with a chainsaw. The sign at the gas station says "W. Characters Leatherface Sally Hardesty. In the Wildstorm comics, the Tea Lady appears more deranged than she was in the movies. In Topps Comics ' comic miniseries Jason vs.

When the frustrated teacher threatens to contact the city about Thomas, Luda Mae retaliates, bashing in the teacher's head with a shovel and killing him, once again proclaiming that there was nothing wrong with her son. It has been confirmed in the crossover comic book series, Jason vs. When Drayton argues that he is family, Boss retorts that Leatherface is "simple" and not right "for a Sawyer.

She is captured by Burt Hartman now the mayor and used as bait for Leatherface. The Tea Lady was also present when a hand grenade belonging to another federal agent named Baines exploded in the Hewitt's secret underground grotto. Businesswoman with chainsaw isolated on white Carpenter woman and man with electric chainsaw in workshop. In part 4, Leatherface is reverted to his original self, a screaming mentally ill killer with an identity problem.

After Leatherface and the Hitchhiker bring Jason Voorheesthe main antagonist of the Friday the 13th franchise home, Drayton befriends him and inducts him in as an unofficial member of the Sawyer family. Sexy girl tied up and stripped. He tells the teenagers that he has no gas for their van because he is supposedly waiting for the tanker truck to show up with fuel.

Girl holding chainsaw Sexy girl holding chainsaw Cute Santa girl holding Christmas gift - chainsaw Beautiful girl holding chainsaw. She is portrayed by Alexandra Daddario.

In all of his appearances, Drayton is an antagonist and appears to be the head of the Sawyer Family. Sell the rights SR-EL. Not noticing this, he continues to try to kill Sally.

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Partain refuses to buy a picture he took of him, the Hitchhiker sets the photo on fire and slashes Franklin's arm with a straight razor before being kicked out of the van. Sheriff Hooper arrives right after the extended Sawyer family gather to the house with shotguns, in which the sheriff demands Drayton, now revealed to be Leatherface's father, hand over Leatherface.

Charlie, armed with a shotgunshoots and kills the local sheriff, Winston Hoyt, at point-blank range during the sheriff's attempt to apprehend his adopted brother, Thomas for murdering his boss at the meat factory. Upton nude video. Tobe Hooper said on The Shocking Truth that he wanted to expand on the dark comedy in the original film, an element that he felt no one truly picked up on.

In the novelization of the remake, Leatherface murders his nephew with his chainsaw after Jedidiah helps Erin escape the family. Whereas many horror movie villains are sadistic or evil ; Leatherface is in fact intellectually disabled and most of the time is merely following the orders of his family. Chop Top often remarks about Ho Chi Minh and napalmas he is a Vietnam veteranand he also talks about having flashbacks from the war.

In all of his appearances, Drayton is an antagonist and appears to be the head of the Sawyer Family. Grandpa Ken Evertnow years old, later appears in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2inhabiting an abandoned theme park named the "Texas Battle Land" with what remains of his family; when the film's heroine, Vanita "Stretch" Brock Caroline Williamsis captured by his grandson Chop Top Bill MoseleyGrandpa is brought forth to kill her in the same way he tried to do to Sally with help from Chop Top, unlike in the first film here he actually lands a hit though he succeeds in only causing a minor head wound to her with a sledgehammer and a second wound caused by an impatient Drayton.

He is a cannibal and very vicious to the victims of his family. In the comics, Henrietta left to find food for her children, but was caught in some trouble and she lost Cain. In the autumn garden Female worker with chainsaw. Drayton presumably dies, off-screen, at the end of the film, when, during the fight between Leatherface and Lieutenant "Lefty" Enright Dennis Hopperhe is accidentally struck by Leatherface and the hand grenade he is holding planning to commit suicide and destroy the hideout with explodes prematurely.

After "killing" Jason, the Hitchhiker's brother Drayton called Cook Slaughter in the comics implicates that the Hitchhiker killed his own cousin named Emery with a two-by-four after a losing a game of checkers, to which the hitchhiker replies "He shouldn't have laughed at me". Hanna hilton big tits. In this film, Leatherface is given a new family, including a daughter. Sexy girl chainsaw. Chop Top and Leatherface kill the two men, not realizing that their attack on the drivers was being recorded at a radio station the two drunken teens had called using a car phone prior to the attack.

Hansen has stated that Leatherface is "completely under the control of his family. Sell the rights SR-EL 1. Darla is also the one who explains the Sawyers' backstory to their captive Jenny, telling her that the family belong to a secret groupwhich has been assassinating people for hundreds of years, including John F. This article needs additional citations for verification. When Sheriff Hooper arrives at the Sawyer house from which Sally escaped earlier that day, Drayton comes out with a shotgun and tries justifying his family's actions by arguing that the characters from the first film were trespassing.

Archived from the original on More similar stock images. Brown in Texas Chainsaw 3D. Nude girl melanie. She appears highly disgruntled under Rothman and Vilmer's control and is hinted at once having a normal life, making references to another husband living elsewhere. Vampire with chainsaw on sky background Woman with chainsaw. His family rescued him, sewed his injured cheeks together, bound them with a muzzle, and had him kill Hartman and Elizabeth.

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III was when Sawyer brother Tinker gives a large chromed chainsaw he crafted to Leatherface as a gift, on the saw's blade he engraved a quote of Drayton's from the second film "The saw is family". He is killed by a low-flying airplane while he and Leather chase a would-be victim. Young woman with gasoline-powered chainsaw on white background close-up Young woman.

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